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  • Coloured Cities - Kolorowe Miasta

IllustrateYourLife presents:
"COLOURED CITIES - KOLOROWE MIASTA" is an exceptional guide on the places which shaped the sensitivity of our artists and influenced them the most. We are pleased to present you stylistically diverse works prepared in 6 countries around the world by 14 different artists connected with the Illustrateyourlife Creative Agency. We invite you to participate in a unique journey over Australia, South Korea, Latvia, Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. "Coloured Cities" is a bilingual album including interviews with artists in English and Polish language.

Lublin, Poland
Lodz, Poland
Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
Katowice, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Jeonju, South Korea
Torun, Poland
Poznan, Poland
Cracow, Poland
Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Ankara, Turkey
Riga, Latvia
London, United Kingdom

Przemek "Surpiko" Surma
Marcin "Xulm" Surma
Robert Romanowicz
Marta Szudyga
Paweł Pyzik
Jieun Park
Marcin "Poprostu" Gręźlikowski
Adam Quest
Katarzyna Kołodziej
Paweł Zawiślak
Jakub Mazerant
Adam Pękalski
Ingrida Picukane
Christopher Corr

14 artists from 5 countries
Bilingual edition: English and Polish
24,5 cm x 32,5 cm, 152 pages, semi hard cover
Published by Tashka Publishing, Warsaw, Poland

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